About the Author

My name is Albert Wright Jr often referred to as AJ amongst family and friends. I am a product of a 2 parent household that consisted of myself and 4 sisters. I believe one of the most important things in this world is family. I am born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. but have established myself as a Real Estate mogul and entrepreneur in the Atlanta, Ga area. With almost 15 years of experience directly related to the subject matter discussed in this book I deem myself to be more than qualified to deliberate on the topic at hand. I pray that what I have endured throughout my co-parenting experience has equipped me with enough knowledge to now pass along in hopes that no one has to succumb to “the wrath of the baby mama” in the same manner in which I did. I am a father of of 4 beautiful daughters, 3 of which are with my wife of 10+ years and 1 from a previous relationship. It is specifically the lessons that I’ve learned along the way that triggered my spirit and made me feel compelled to share the knowledge I gained as well as my adversities experienced with other fathers.

About the Book