The Book

-Are you experiencing endless challenges with the mother of your child? 

-Are you a father who finds it difficult to exercise the child visitation rights granted to you?

-Does the mother of your child make demands that are unreasonable and difficult to meet?

-Do you need help navigating through these difficulties?


– You can do that now, with the help of I Beat My Baby Mama, a book written specifically for men who face just these types of complications.

– Inside, you will find wide array of tips and techniques to assist you with ongoing challenges regarding your child.  The book will also help you to:

  • Overcome resistance that prevent equal involvement with your child
  • Playing your desired role in your child’s life
  • Deal with difficult and irrational demands
  • Understand what triggers some mothers to become vindictive
  • And much, much more…

– The end of your relationship with a partner or wife should not mean the end of your relationship with your child.

– This essential self-help book is the perfect guide for any father attempting to co-parent but encounters behavior that is malicious, controlling or simply difficult to effectively assume your role as a father.